ARTIST COLABORATION - Alex Trochut [web]

In today’s world, there are continually blurred boundaries and definitions of «truth».

These series of typographic animated “one-word poems”, have been created by a growing number of artists set out to visualize all the unreliable noise around us, and how something so fundamentally important has become so elusive.

Antfood crafted a modular composition for these visualizations. Each of the looping sound pieces stands on its own, and combine to form a greater whole. Every listening session will be different depending on the order and the number of the pieces activated.

Put on your headphones & enjoy the non-sense.

Videos by: Dvein, LeonStudio, David McLeod, Frank J Guzzone, Freddy Arenas, Jordi Pages and TheBerd, Nil Serraima and Peter John Kearney

Directed by
Alex Trochut

Music Composed by

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